Aveeno Ingredients Story

AVEENO®’s Ingredients Story

Baby skin is precious and deserves the highest level of care. At AVEENO®, we use the safest, gentlest, and most effective ingredients that not only moisturize, but provide rapid itch relief. Our ingredients are naturally derived, scientifically activated, and clinically proven to benefit delicate skin.

In our extensive research, we have discovered how certain natural ingredients contain great potential in enhancing the skin. They are: Colloidal oat, Portulaca extract, and Soybean oil.

Colloidal oat

What is colloidal oat?

Colloidal oats contain an anti-inflammatory compound known as avenanthramides. These provide rapid itch relief—reducing itch in just 30 minutes—to those with dry skin.

AVEENO® chooses finely milled, naturally active, and non-GMO oats grown in Canada, the US, and France.

The oatmeal-making process does not involve chemical solvents, further enhancing its suitability for children with atopic dermatitis.

How do colloidal oats calm the skin?

Colloidal oats perform five actions for the skin: Soothe, cleanse, moisturize, buffer, and protect.


  1. They soothe itchy skin.
  2. They cleanse dirt and dead skin cells by adhering to them and allowing them to be washed away.
  3. They moisturize dry skin, keeping it moist for 24 hours.*
  4. They buffer the skin pH levels to restore them to a healthy balance.
  5. They protect the skin by forming a film on its surface.
*96 % of doctors are satisfied with AVEENO®’s ability to keep skin moist.
Portulaca extract

What is portulaca extract?

Portulaca extract comes from Potulaca oleracea L.1 It is also known as Purslane, and is an annual grassy plant found worldwide, especially in tropical and subtropical regions. It is known to relieve pain, heal wounds, and is a natural antioxidant.


AVEENO® has chosen portulaca extract for its anti-inflammatory properties that support itch relief. It has been clinically demonstrated to reduce inflammation in people with atopic dermatitis.2,3

How does portulaca extract treat atopic dermatitis?

Portulaca extract contains three skin-enhancing features that: Soothe, heal, and moisturize.


  1. It soothes angry skin with its anti-inflammatory qualities.
  2. It heals skin wounded by scratching and chafing.
  3. It moisturizes with its natural antioxidant activity.
Soybean oil

What is soybean oil?

Soybean oil comes from soy, which has been an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It has established health and nutritional benefits, and recently proven to maintain an even skin tone and texture. In children with atopic dermatitis, soy protects their skin from environmental stresses, including free radicals that damage it.

AVEENO® has carefully chosen naturally active Total Soy for inclusion in its formulations. This means soy ingredients used in AVEENO® products contain active ingredients that benefit the skin in multiple ways.

How does soy soothe the skin?

Soy has three skin-boosting functions: Even skin tone, smooth skin texture, and restore the skin with antioxidants.

  1. They have the ability to even skin tone and reduce the appearance of skin discolored from damage and scratching. They can also ease skin that has been blotched from inflammation.
  2. They work to soften and smooth skin texture.
  3. They naturally contain vitamins A and E, which are known antioxidants that moisturize the skin well.4,5
Carefully chosen, clinically confirmed
AVEENO® believes in drawing from nature’s best to formulate products that soothe and smooth. Each ingredient has been diligently sourced and rigorously tested to make sure it supports optimal skin health. A major goal in skincare is to lock the moisture in and sustain hydration. Our key ingredients—colloidal oats, portulaca extract, and soybean oil—have been lab-tested and verified to nurture the skin. We’ve harnessed each ingredient’s essence, developing recipes for successful skincare that you can confidently use to nourish your little one through life.




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