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Aveeno Reviews

Daily Moisturising Body Wash


Skin Type: Combination
Skin Tone: Medium
Facial Features: Morena
Age: 20

Luxuriously moisturising!

AVEENO® never fails to impress me! It's no secret that I adore their Moisturising Bar, and since I ran out of it (the horror!) I decided to give this a try. I'm so glad I did! It's even more moisturising than the bar! The scent is a pleasant, toasty, oat-y smell; even if you're sensitive to scents, you probably won't find this one very assaulting. This lathers up really well, even without having to use a lot at a time. I have very dry skin on my legs, and I find that this body wash moisturises my skin enough that I can go without lotion and not get itchy, cracking skin (although I really should apply lotion anyway, just because my legs tend to be super dry). For someone with normal skin though, I imagine that just the body wash might be enough! I'm definitely going to go buy another bottle before I run out!

Daily Moisturizing Lotion


Skin Type: Combination
Skin Tone: Fair
Facial Features: Mestiza
Age: 27

The Only Lotion My Dermatologist Recommends

AVEENO®'s Lotions have been a staple in our household ever since I was a little girl. It's the only lotion that our family dermatologist recommends because it's unscented, gentle and ideal for sensitive skin, and keeps it moisturized all day long. It may be pricey, but it's a great investment for your skin!

Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion


Certified Buyer
Skin Type: Sensitive
Skin Tone: Fair
Facial Features: Chinita

Cured my Skin Asthma

This is hands down my favorite AVEENO® product. I suffer from Skin Asthma and as a result my legs and arms were horribly marked. I used this twice a day together with a bleaching lotion given by my dermatologist and after a year, all the marks were gone and my bouts with skin asthma have become infrequent. Too bad I can't find this in stock anywhere in the city right now.

Skin Relief Body Wash


Top Reviewer
Skin Type: Oily
Skin Tone: Medium

lathers richly

There is something about this body wash that really soothes my dry and flaky skin after every wash. I love how this body wash is so gentle that even those with the most sensitive skins like babies can still use. This lathers richly and feels really good on the skin. It has a long-lasting scent to it as wel.

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